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Japan Rail Network

The Japan Train Network

Travelling in Japan is easy with the extensive train network. It’s very efficient and covers metropolitan areas, country areas including to and from ski resorts and between the large cities. The stations and carriages are clean, the trains run on time and they provide a great service to travellers as well as the locals that use the network daily. The railways consist of a variety of different  types of trains, which include bullet trains (Shinkansen), express trains, subway, monorails and local trains.

JR Network

About 70 percent of Japan's railway network is owned and operated by the Japan Railways (JR), The JR Network consists of 6 regional JR networks; JR Hokkaido, JR East, JR Central, JR West, JR Shikoku and  JR Kyushu. The JR Network is extensive and covers most areas of Japan that tourists would need to go, the other 30 percent of Japan Railways are privately owned lines predominately around metropolitan areas such as subways and suburban lines. The JR Network includes bullet train lines and an extensive suburban and regional lines.

Plan Ahead

The Japan Rail Network is can seem complex and daunting to the unfamiliar, however is well organised and extremely efficient. To check journey times and plan ahead, you can use this online planner. This planner provides accurate departure, interval and arrival times, train numbers, pricing and other relevant information; perfect to plan your journey ahead of time. You can now download the Hyperdia app to have the planner with you at all times when travelling across Japan. 


JR Passes

The JR Pass is the key to convenient sightseeing In Japan and is offered by the 6 companies that make up the JR Group to ensure an extensive coverage of Japan. The JR Pass offers an economical way to travel throughout Japan by rail and is available in two types Green Class (First) and Standard Class and are available as 7 Day, 14 Day and 21 Day passes. JapanPowder can offer JR Passes as part of your Ski Japan Holiday Package, ask us how we can help.

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