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Internet, Telphones and Mobiles

Internet Access

Internet access is available in most hotels and other accommodation, some international hotels charge a daily fee for access, so check with your hotel upon check in. Hotels usually provide a LAN cable in your room or you can ask at reception and they usually have spares. Some smaller boutique hotel and lodges offer wireless internet so roaming is easy and you can sit in the bar and have a chat with friends anywhere in the world.


The International dialling prefix for Japan is +81 There are many public phones in Japan although they have reduced in recent years due to the take up of mobiles. There are generally two types of public phones  where you can use coins or phone cards which can be purchased from  convenience stores such as 711 and Lawsons, the phone cards are usually area or season specific and also make a great souvenir.

Green phones are the most common public phones. International calls are usually not able to be made from these phones.  Coins or phone cards can be used.

Grey phones are also very common. International calls are possible from most grey phones. Coins or phone cards can be used.

To Dial International from Japan:
    - Dial 010 the Japan international dialling code.
    - Dial the country code of the country you are calling. Ie (Australia 61)
    - If the number starts with a 0, drop the 0 and dial everything else.

Mobile Network

The Japan Mobile Network is based on 3G and 4G network, Japan doesn’t support GSM. To check if your phone will work in Japan check with your Telephone Service Provider and whether it will support international roaming. There are rental Sims or Rental phones services available at most airports and these services are often more affordable than using international roaming services from your home provider. For more information go to: Narita Kansai .

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